Inside the Battcave

Late last year my beloved husband bought me a domain name and a website. I wasn't writing or doing anything useful, so didn't really see the point. Apart from attaching the domain name to the site, I didn't do anything with it, and so it has sat.

My life is so boring. This is me at my Cert IV: Massage Therapist Course graduation.

Pure drudge: Kate Eltham of the Queensland Writer's Centre interviewing me during their Summer of Speculative Fiction programme.

A little joy in my life: my grandson Luc just minutes after delivery. Permission for this image to be displayed was kindly granted by his parents (because I respect the privacy of my children.)

Until now.

This year I started uni again. One of the units I'm doing is EDN113, Living and Learning with Technology. I have to create a website and blog, so I thought, why not get this one up and running? For now it will be about uni, but down the track it will incorportate my writing, family and real life.

So, what can you expect to find on my site?

Well, there's a blog which can be found in the My Murdoch Experience link on the menu.

I also have a livejournal where you can read more up-to-the minute ramblings about my family life, TV preferences and general opinions. I do occasionally tweet, but it's not a habitual occurence so I wouldn't really bother.

This site is mainly about uni and writing and how they fit in with my Real Life (tm). 

Initially I will be concentrating on my uni life, what I'm doing and why, what I'm learning, what I'm thinking, the things that irk me and the things that make me think. Take this week, for instance. This week I learnt during my Foundation unit that it takes 3 litres of water to make a one litre plastic bottle. So imagine how angry I was today while watching The Biggest Loser. The challenge was to throw around 220 bottles of water per person into a wagon and transport them from one end of a pitch to another. There were 11 people doing this, in the sun, in a drought-stricken country. Those bottles were getting damaged. I did the math and for once I felt a spark of anger on behalf of the environment.

Uni makes me think. It makes me question. I love it.

And to show that I am taking on board the rule about making this mainly about EDN113, my son Connor has bought home a computer site that his school has enrolled him in. He's six. I'm rather excited as I'll be able to gauge just how much he learns from the computer compared to how much book-larnin' he gets.

This space is also about my writing life, what I do, how I do it, the times everything comes together and I sell a work and the times I throw a fit and decide to give up forever (roughly twice a year).

I have two great passions in my life: my family and my writing. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to choose between the two I'd take my family any day, but as that hasn't happened yet, I'm happy to keep flinging words at the screen in the hope that some of them stick.

I'll talk about my pet writing hates as well as what floats my boat. I'll add any reviews of my work and review works that I read. As this site is about me I'll assume you're interested in the TV I watch, the movies I see and the music I listen to. Expect a lot of 80s links. I loves them.

I will be adding links. If you're an author and think I should link you, send me a message with details about your website.

So, go. Enjoy. If you think I should add or change something, let me know. I'll take all suggestions on board.